Social ADS

Social ADS

Advertising campaigns on social platforms, which provide a wide variety of audiences and possible segmentations for your brand.

Social networks are the indispensable channel and means of communication for our new normality, which is why having a presence on them is mandatory.

Through Social Ads you will reach the target audience of your brand to impact the conversion funnel phases (Audiences based on demographic data, interests and behaviors (“Core Audiences”) are ideal to start attracting attention to our brand. Audiences similar (“Lookalike Audiences”) allow us to expand our reach with people similar to our clients.And finally, personalized audiences (“Custom Audiences”) allow us to carry out remarketing strategies and close sales.

You will be able to impact them through multiple creative formats (fixed post, story, video, gif, among others) and you will be able to measure and control the results with precision through reports that we will provide you from the analytics of each social platform.